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Below are some questions and answers about studying digital marketing with us. For example why should you study with us, how will your certificate be acknowledged, where can you take the exam, and so on. Read all the questions and answers below.

Why Study Digital Marketing With Us?

Why should I study digital marketing with BizDevCorp?

All of the courses we offer are unique in that industry professionals produce the syllabus. This ensures that the content is updated regularly by people in the area of digital marketing that face new issues in the working lives that need to be included on a course. We also have a wide geographical range. Our courses are taught in over 80 countries around the world.

Who validates our syllabus?

Our courses are reviewed by the Syllabus Advisory Council, which is composed of leading digital companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our learning content is shaped by the industry stakeholders that matter most. The Council contributes to the development of internationally recognised standards supporting digital marketing education by ensuring the consistency of our industry-led training and certification programmes.

What will I learn?

The panel of practitioner-lecturers has specifically structured the curriculum to focus on current trends and best practices in Digital Marketing. As well as creating innovative strategies, you will also learn how to leverage these strategies to gain competitive advantage for both your business and your career.

What can I expect?

Through dynamic lectures and case studies, you will be exposed to the latest methods, techniques and tools for improving your organisation's Digital Marketing and brand-building efforts.

About the Exam & Pearson Vue

How is the programme assessed?

The Professional & Specialist Digital Marketing programmes are assessed by one three hour exam. Every exam has 3 sections covering 10 modules. The exam has approximately 200 questions. The questions are multiple choice, image supported questions, drag and drop questions and so called hotspot questions. In order to pass the examination, candidates must achieve 60% in each of the 3 sections.

Where and when can I take an exam?

The exams are administered by our computer-based testing partner Pearson Vue via its global network of test centres. Your examination fee (approximately €180 or local currency equivalent) is payable directly to the centre when you book your examination. Students must take their examination within 6 months from the receipt of exam eligibility confirmation, while the optimum time, recommended by the Digital Marketing Institute is 3-6 weeks from the completion of the course or as outlined by your course provider. Each candidate can take the exam 3 times in total.

What is the European Qualification of the certificate?

EQF is the European Qualifications Framework. It’s a tool to compare different qualification systems in Europe. In total there are reference 8 levels, described in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. Our diploma’s are at level of EQF 5. So when you graduate in one of our diploma’s, EQF 5 is your European level of knowledge, skill and competence. Read more about these levels on the website of the European Commission who came up with this standard.

Where will my qualification be recognised?

Our qualifications are world class. This allows you to take your Digital Marketing Institute qualification with you, no matter where your exciting career may take you. Dutch Marketing Institute Nima also recognises our diploma’s.

General Directions

Do I need a background in marketing or IT?

Anyone can apply for the certified digital marketing courses. A background in a related discipline is not required – the aim of the professional diploma's is to allow you to learn everything you need to know about digital marketing and to kickstart a new and exciting career. You may be a business owner looking to take your online marketing to the next level or you may be someone looking for a change of career. The only prerequisite is that you have in an interest in a digital marketing career.

How long does a course take?

The Certified Digital Marketing Professional and Specialist programmes take 30 hours. If you have time to study fulltime, you can complete the course in 5 days. But you can also study parttime at your own pace. 

Leader and Master programmes take respectively 1 or 2 years parttime and require relevant work experience.

How much will the courses cost?

  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional and Sales programmes cost € 1,750 Incl-VAT
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist programmes cost € 2,175 Incl-VAT
  • Certified Digital Marketing Leader programme costs € 4,750 Incl-VAT
  • Certified Digital Marketing Master programme costs € 9,500 Incl-VAT

How can I contact you?

You can call us on +31-85-273 5838 or contact us.

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