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More, better, faster with less. For many years, business owners and executives have worked with us because there is the constant requirement to do 'more, better, faster with less'. Hundreds of organisations in a range of countries have benefited from our unique blend of business development consulting and learning & development solutions. If you would like to know how we can add significant value to your organisation, then please let us know.



Business Development Consulting

When thinking of a Club Sandwich, you would probably think about e,g, lettuce, egg, chicken or tomato first. However, we believe bread is a pretty essential part of the experience as it neatly ties it all in together. We find that our business development consulting activities typically serve a similar purpose. We work closely with our partners and clients to develop new product (combinations) and to rapidly find suitable markets. Once the product has been designed, tested, (digitally) marketed and sales have taken off, then it’s time for learning & development: the client needs to acquire the know-how, skills and attitude to continue successfully with the project.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Training Academy

Under the brandname Digital Marketing Training Academy we are active on both the B2C and B2B markets. We cooperate with the Dublin-based Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) which has managed to establish a de facto worldwide standard for digital marketing training. More and more, DMI is becoming a certification body and it's therefore leaving the training up to training institutes such DMT Academy.

All training leads to certified diplomas, and our clients can thus rest assured that employees have indeed reached a verifiable high level. Training levels range between an awareness level and a full-blown masters degree. It’s relevant to note trainees themselves tend to be way more self-motivated when they know an external exam is involved and that this will increase their value.

There are seven standard programmes available, but of course programmes can be ‘mixed & matched’ and/or developed to suit your organisational needs.

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Language Learning

NewLanguage Training

For nearly two decades now, we have been involved in language training. We acquired a language training company from Reed Elsevier Plc back in 2000. In 2003, the company ventured out of the Netherlands and set up NewLanguage Training in Brussels. Driven by customer demand and our own keen interest in technology, NewLanguage is actively promoting e-learning and blended learning. To enable us to stay at the forefront of the technological developments in learning, we partner with companies such as Dataflow Learning, 7Speaking, Linguistech and uTalk. 

Most organisations we speak to are impressed by our client list. We have partnered with hundreds of corporate customers and many thousands of individuals over many years. 

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E-learning & Software Development

We have recently started cooperating with Dataflow International. This organisation provides us with the ability to develop e-learning for our customers. Typically, Dataflow works on larger projects and geographical markets currently include Canada, China, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, UAE and USA. Dataflow is headquartered in Ireland.

With Dataflow, BizDevCorp can now offer customers a range of solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses and institutions, as well as national curriculum, school districts and local educators faced with meeting the challenges of today's technology environment, with particular focus on open access to standards based content, future-proofing existing assets, anywhere anytime learning, and device independent learning delivery.

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