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E-learning Development


PK-12, Primary - Secondary

Higher Education

Corporate, Vocational


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Dataflow Learning (“DFL”) is an education consulting and technology provider, specialising in product and solutions for the education and training sectors. DFL’s strong education credentials, which includes experts with many years of K-12 / higher education teaching, and corporate and vocational training, have allowed it to successfully implement curriculum and training programmes on a national scale in many markets. The DFL team has been at the forefront of transforming education through innovative solutions, with local orientation, for the past 14 years.

PK-12, Primary - Secondary

As an organisation that comprises teachers, artists, writers, curriculum developers, subject-matter experts, instructional designers, software engineers, and technology innovators, our vast experience extend far beyond the limited purview of most education technology companies.

An education solution designed by engineers and instructional designers without the guiding knowledge of a teaching expert who has been responsible for delivering curriculum and working directly with students on a daily basis, risks failure for practical reasons that teachers are best placed to identify. In the context of global education, our team brings experience in markets including the U.S., Ireland, the U.K., France, the Middle East and North Africa, China and Latin America. This broad market perspective means that the organisation has unique insight into effective curriculum and content development in the context of standards, culture, language, economic, social and political variables and imperatives. In a world where the principles of mathematics (as an example) are universal but appropriate application is often local, that expertise is extremely valuable.


Higher Education

Many professors across all disciplines make extensive use of technology but not always in the most effective way. Solutions that allow professors to combine content, augmenting expert content with their own to produce an integrated, custom course resource, is one of many activities that DFL helps to facilitate campus-wide in higher education. Project-based learning, online and distance learning, blended learning and MOOC’s are areas of engagement for many universities. But unlike compulsory education, universities, down to individual faculty members, need the ability to craft their own digital courses and then deploy across their chosen platforms. The ability to produce bespoke higher education digital solutions to wide ranging specifications is second nature to DFL.

Corporate, Vocational

The diversity of technology based training courses being used in business, industry and education today appears staggering, until you consider the variety of subject matter being taught. Online and mobile training is used in aviation human factors for air traffic control, for drug interaction training in healthcare, for driver education, for corporate HR employee training, and much, much more.

Pedagogy may follow a passive instructor led approach, using media such as audio and video. It may also be complex, using branching scenario-based or game-based learning programmes. Our insight process has been used by corporations, institutions and governments to help determine the best methodology for delivering the most effective learning experience and outcomes for many years. With expertise across many verticals we work with SME’s to develop, deliver and manage digital training solutions to any client specification.



Having been founded by former senior executives of some of the largest publishers in the world, our organisation is profoundly aware of the needs and drivers of trade and education publishing. Our content and instructional design, SME, editorial, project management and engineering teams comprise many individuals whose backgrounds include many years in the publishing industry. Those include specialists in ELT, reading, mathematics, science and K-12 professional development. We convene specialist project teams based on project needs and then integrate with client workflows in order to maximise efficiency and minimise friction in the production process.

Whether it’s producing for end-users projects, such as for a Ministry of Education on behalf on a publisher client, or developing publisher portfolio solutions, we have the expertise to be the collaborative design and development partner that complements internal SME, curriculum and editorial teams.


Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC)

Design and development of mathematics and science digital content for Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) which included all digital content to accompany a new print curriculum for Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 in ADEC schools. DFL provided all SME, instructional design and content development services, producing content to reinforce or extend concepts and skills taught in each unit in imaginative and interactive ways.

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Jefferson County School District - Colorado

Series of digital learning objects supporting Jeffco Virtual Academy K-6 online curriculum. SCORM objects aligned to Common Core and Colorado State Standards in K-6 Reading, Math, Writing, Science and Social Studies, deployed through Schoology LMS.

Higher Colleges of Technology - UAE

Working with Pearson, English Language Acquisition (ELA) programme comprising 32 modules, deployed on iPads, supporting more than 17,000 college students annually in the UAE.

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