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We are very proud to offer e-learning solutions via our partner uTalk. Start off with words and phrases you'll need to get talking, build your confidence and make friends wherever you go. Learn anywhere, from any language, on almost any device. 

Simple, Fun with Immediate Results

  • More than 130 different languages
  • 50+ topics prepare you for any situation - at work, travelling or meeting new people
  • Games and intuitive software make your learning fun and rewarding
  • Listen to native speakers and then have a go yourself
  • Log in on any device (well almost!) and keep learning anywhere

uTalk, our e-learning Partner

uTalk is a language learning provider that likes to keep things simple. The fun and effective approach is designed to help build confidence and we believe that knowing just a few words can make a real difference and hopefully even help you make friends.

With 25 years of experience and over 30 million happy customers worldwide we know that using the latest technology can play a big part in helping you learn. Thankfully, with the app, you can learn wherever you are on almost any device.

How to use the app

NewLanguages provides an easy to use app via our partner. This is an engaging way to start speaking a new language. There are over 50 topics in more than 130 different languages. The app works seamlessly on multiple platforms synching all sores and progress to your account not the device, and because it is avilable on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC and through your web browser there's really no stopping you from speaking your new language. The app will never force you to master a topic before you can progress to the next so you can learn exactly what you need at a pace that suits you.


Custom Solutions

Whilst the app is perfect for most learners, there is also a vast library of content and years of experience to deliver bespoke language resources to education and business clients around the world. Thanks to the intuitive design, custom content is not a problem. We provide learning solutions specific to your industry, as well as graded learning and admin tools vital for classroom situations.

Why does e-learning work?

The proven formula focusses on everyday language with an emphasis on buidling confidence rather than worrying about grammar. Useful vocabulary and phrases are built up through fun games whilst native speakers help to perfect pronunciation through speaking tasks. NewLanguage encourages learning by keeping things fun and rewarding you for your successes. 


Questions? Do not hesitate to reach out!

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