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Face to Face

NewLanguage has many years of experience and specialist knowledge. We work with an international team of professional language trainers who all use our pragmatic approach.

You or your employees will acquire the linguistic skills that they really need for their job at the right level, flexibly and with support. As a result, your employees will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in the desired language and enhance the success of your organisation. 


Quality guaranteed

“Unfortunately it was not possible to check "extremely good" on the evaluation form, because this was certainly applicable to our trainer. I did not experience the Monday evenings as lessons, but rather as meetings in which the speaker wished to share his knowledge and experience with us. It's a pity the course is over! Thank you for everything you did for us.”

- John Otten, Scania Zwolle

Tailored courses

NewLanguage courses are tailored to the specific needs of our client. Focused on his position and his business goals with his new language. All our trainers are native speakers who are thoroughly familiar with the business culture of their country of birth. The NewLanguage trainers always have the relevant knowledge of their local business culture.


Specialised trainers

In addition, our trainers are specialised in specific sectors such as finance, marketing, or engineering. Plus, NewLanguage makes sure that courses are administered and organised smoothly. Therefore, changes in your schedule, emergency meetings, or in need of quick support during a conference call - NewLanguage makes sure that the language courses fit your schedule. NewLanguage Training is designed for business.

NewLanguage offers a wide range of language tests to assess the language level of yours or your employee. In addition, it is possible to take an examination or a prep course (including a crash course) for an officially recognised certificate.

Test your language level

All NewLanguage courses are preceded by a standing assessment procedure and course design. In short, determining your proficiency level and how our courses should be formed serving your language and business needs. Then, the participant works through a number of phases to develop his or her language skills. With a professional language trainer that coaches and supports the participant.

  • Your learning goals, wishes, and capabilities central
  • Focused on your day-to-day work
  • Vocabulary specific to your field
  • Concluding report with recommendations for further language acquisition
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