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Digital Marketing Training

Setting the standard

Together with our partner the Digital Marketing Institute, we certify graduates from an awareness level all the way up to an expert level. Would you like to be certified up to the standard in digital marketing that is recognised all over the world? Our online training programmes are priced as follows:


Ideal for beginners, business owners and marketing & sales professionals:


€ 57.50 / hour


Become an accredited specialist and learn from some of the industry’s leading experts:


€ 72.50 / hour


A highly recognised specialist; the most advanced qualification in digital marketing.


€ 63.50 / hour

Clarification and Terms & Conditions

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Language Learning

What you need to know

Typically, our language learning projects are bespoke; every project is different. Just as an illustration, you’ll find four different language learning options for an individual learner where the major variable is technology. 



Learn words and phrases you'll need to get talking, build your confidence and make friends.

  • Self paced E-learning
  • 130+ languages
  • Any device, anywhere


€ 1.00 / hour

Virtual Classroom

Pioneering news-based language learning and social learning 

  • English, French, German, Italian or Spanish
  • Self paced E-learning (25 hours)
  • Virtual Classroom (25 hours)


€ 26.50 / hour

Face to Face

Tried and tested intensive one on one language learning

  • Time & place of your choosing
  • Face to Face (50 hours)
  • Personal language trainer


€ 63.50 / hour

Clarification and Terms & Conditions

  • Assumption is that the learner:
    • Is motivated
    • Wants to improve one CEFR level
    • Will spend a minimum 50 hours on language learning
    • Wishes to reach his/her language learning goals within six months

  • Free language assessment with blended learning and instructor-led training
  • Free consultation with blended learning and instructor-led training
  • Rates are indications only
  • Six months access to the self-paced e-learning platform and Live Online
  • Team & corporate pricing upon request
  • Terms & conditions apply
  • Variables within language learning include:
    • CEFR progression required
    • Group size
    • Language learning ability
    • Target language
    • Time available
    • Training technology used
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Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Practically all our language learning is based around the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. CEFR recognises six different levels: from beginner to fully mastering a language. It is estimated that at the lower levels, it might take up to 75 hours to get up to the next level. As many of our clients are keen learners, we typically try to reach the next level within some 50 hours. 

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A1 Basic user


A2 Basic user


B1 Independent user


B2 Independent user

Upper intermediate

C1 Proficient user


C2 Proficient user


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